Animal Art Prints
Animals feature in art in all manner of ways, whether as a fearful beast, a beast of burden or as a loved companion, the nature of animals reflect a best humanity for us, and from us, and therefore have occupied and compelled many artist over time.

Animals become the most evocative subject in the wild state as seen here in the picture, Elephants of Africa, where their majesty is demonstrated in their, end of day, comfortable amble across the home plains of Africa.
Here we also see in this section, wild sea birds buffeted in stormy skies above turbulent seas, which reveals nature in most passionate and brutal expressions. Animals and nature are profound material for the artist keen to engage with the essential.

Animals in the home whilst they comfort and calm us, they also remind us of the proximity of the wild, particularly the cat who features, as cats have never quite acquiesced to the domestic state and retain some element of the wild beyond and outside of our control

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