Abstract Art Prints
Much of the of the work here on this web site could be reasonably described as abstract, in that the form and structure of the image doesn’t faithful represent or describe an external reality, but more presents an internal dialogue, the subjective ideation brought forth and inspired by the real word or indeed inspired by the limitless environment of self.

The images in the abstract section vary from unformed highly textured pieces to hinted forms, images that have some discernible form that evokes rather than identify, a represented reality

The purpose of the art here is to convey meaning and insight unavailable in other mediums, where meaning is often detail, broken down explained and specificated, here the art, my art enables indeterminate, ambiguous and paradoxical possibilities.

My art, possibly all art, allows for the spaces between meanings, the opportunity for unique and profoundly personal understandings of the world and the nature of being human