Commissioned Art

Own or gift a unique and personalised artwork

By commissioning an artist you can choose a subject, a colour, a style and any other attribute in the art being specifically created for you. The art you finally own will be a unique piece that reflects your choice and is completely ideal and bespoke for the space it finally fills.

Ideas for commissions


A centre piece for a redecorated living space


A dramatic piece to fill empty space such as a stairwell


A finishing touch for a new kitchen


A romantic gift to adorn the bedroom


A centerpiece for your office, or better still for a favoured client’s office


Christmas card, where the commissioned pieced is used to personalise you, or your companies Christmas greeting cards


Animals and pets


A special gift for a loved one on an anniversary or a birthday

The process of commissioning

The commissioning relationship begins with a conversation about art wanted, where the artist will marry style and approach to your needs and wants.

Depending on the commission, artists will work from life, existing or especially taken photographs.


1. How long can you expect the commission to take?
The time scale can vary but most artist benefit from a deadline so the time scale will generally reflect the desired date of completion as requested by the client
2. What can you expect to pay
The price will vary, however as a rough guide you can expect to pay less than £1000
3. How we ensure the final piece is what you are expecting
During the process there will be a number of consultations with to ensure the work is progressing in a way that is likely to have an outcome that is expected and wanted by you as the client
4. Meeting the artist
It is usually possible to meet the artist and we encourage a meeting to ensure both parties are happy and moving in the same direction

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